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  Our dealership is dedicated to the safety of your pet and making your relationship and responsibility of your pet as relaxing to you as possible. Every time you let your pet outdoors we want you to have the peace of mind that you have the best fence designed and US system made today.  CALL TODAY ABOUT OUR TRADE IN PROGRAM FOR YOUR OLD SYSTEM!
Expert - Pet Friendly Design
  The design of your pet containment system is critical to the success of the system. This is why we are committed to your free in-home consultation. With our trained staff, we will be able to detect any potential problems that may need special attention and make any necessary adjustments to make ensure you have the best U.S. made system on the market today.  
  You can read the manual to understand how the system works but we will help you help your pet to understand what is the best for their safety.  
  Our certified technicians attend regular training to keep up on the latest methods to make the systems operate the most efficient way to allow the system work to its fullest level of safety for your pet.  
Continued Service
  Service after the sale! We service all brands of pet fences!  WE SERVCE ALL BRANDS OF UNDERGROUND DOG FENCE SYSTEMS!  
Battery Plans
  We offer affordable battery plans to our customers to ensure the continued safety of your pet. Annually, we commit to a plan which allows us to secure the lowest possible prices for our batteries and then pass the savings on to you.  WE SELL BATTERIES FOR INVISIBLE FENCE SYSTEMS!

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