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Mary - owner and General Manager

Mary has grown up with dogs and truly understands how important they are to each of us. Mary has been involved with competition and training her horses, farming and now runs a great Landscaping business.  Her and her family lives on a farm just outside of La Crosse and really understands Mother nature.  Marie helps you see things from the dogs point of view, and wants to help that special relationship between you and your dog.  Mary stresses pet safety and considers Customer Service her number one priority.


has helps with customer service , and is the primary technician for repair and installation.  Sam cares about your dog as much as you do, and he understands how important your dog's safety is. This concern goes beyond your initial installation; it is for the life long relationship with your pet. 


Jim understands pet containment as a dog lover who has assisted Tri sate pet owners for over 12 years. Dogs have been a big part of his life, and he has seen and experienced what can happen if your pet is not safely contained. His commitment to helping you to keep your pet safe is very important to him.

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