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 Your Dog's Collar    
Pet Stop receivers
a better breed of pet fencing

UltraElite Receiver™
At 1.3 ounces, your pet will hardly notice the UltraElite Receiver™ – unless they move into a restricted zone. We designed the UltraElite with your pet’s day-to-day comfort and safety in mind.

Each receiver can be individually programmed to meet the specific personality of your pet. We have also built several features into our receivers to help reinforce the initial training your pet receives.

Replacement Batteries
Inexpensive and quality-tested batteries are available through most dealers.

If your pet ever gets trapped in the signal field, only Pet Stop receivers will shut off and remain off until your pet is safely out. Other products offer a similar feature but none as comprehensive as the Pet Stop receivers.

Warning Field Security
If your pet comes too close to a restricted zone, they receive a warning tone. Unlike other systems, Pet Stop can gradually increase the correction level until they retreat. This preserves battery life and, more importantly, reinforces the initial training and conditioning your pet receives.

For more determined breeds, we offer the UltraMax Receiver™, with the most effective correction level on the market.
committed to your pet’s safety    
Harmless correction    
The correction our receiver sends to your dog is a mild static shock, nothing more. It has been thoroughly tested by engineers and veterinarians and likened to the shock received from touching a doorknob–not enough to harm, only to startle.
Water resistant    
Pet Stop receivers are resistant to moisture, so it’s okay to keep it on while bathing your dog, or if they get wet in other ways such as during a sudden rainfall or a swim in the pond.
Flash Alert®    
You don’t have to worry about your dog getting free of their boundary due to battery failure. Our low battery light feature lets you know when the receiver battery needs replacing.
Comfort Contacts®    
Most companies feature collars with steel pins or some other type of metal tips to conduct the electric correction pulse. Pet Stop’s receiver collars feature conductive rubber tips. No metal touches your pet’s neck. They’re more comfortable, and so are you.
Safety shut-off    
If your dog somehow gets trapped in a correction zone, Pet Stop products can recognize this and engage a safety stop that will shut off and stay off. Other products cycle on and off, but Pet Stop receivers offer protection from continuous activation.

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