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Our staff is proud to offer the only system made in AMERICA,  Mary, Sam, and staff are committed to your dogs safety!

We have been supporting pet fence owners for 12 years in the LaCrosse Region!

National Pet Stop Staff

John Purtell (President)
- Past President & Founder Invisible Fence®
Scott Touchton (V.P. Engineering)
- Past Engineering Mgr Invisible Fence®)
Jim Deery (Firm ware Engineer)
- Past IT Engineer Invisible Fence®)
Robin Lavin (Network Manager)
- Past Network Mgr Invisible Fence®)
Zane Rice (Internet Manager)
- Past International Sales Invisible Fence®)

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Our dealership is dedicated to the safety of your pet and making your relationship and responsibility of your pet as enjoyable as possible. Our staff has assisted our customers in keeping thousands of dogs safe and in their own yards.  Every time you let your pet outdoors, we want you to have the peace of mind that you have the best & only pet containment system designed and made in the United States today.

Trade up to a Lifetime Warranty!

Mary, Sam and Staff are commitment to customer service.  If it is children, other dogs, wildlife, or the busy road that makes your dog want to leave home, we can help. Our staff has the experience to make you and yours dog's life a happy one. We sell compatible collars for all other fence companies like Invisible Fence®, Dog Watch®, and Pet Safe®.

We service all underground pet fences, including Invisible Fences®, Dog Watch®, and Pet Safe®.
N3089 Hwy 16  LaCrosse, WI 54601
Ph: LaCrosse (608) 783.7700, 
Cell: (507) 458 5604
General Information info@mydogsafe.com
Sales sales@mydogsafe.com
Customer Support helpdesk@mydogsafe.com

Pet Stop® is a registered trademark of Perimeter Technologies, Inc., Invisible Fence® is a registered trademark of DogWatch Inc., DogGuard® is a registered trademark of Dog Guard. Radio Fence® and Pet Safe® Professional are trademarks of Radio Systems Corp.

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